Why is a full bladder important?
A full bladder causes the uterus is higher and this provides an optimal picture

Is the echo internally or externally?
In principle, all echoes externally. Only a term provision c.q. control in early pregnancy can be chosen for an internal echo

Where can I get an ultrasound?
You can contact us 7 days a week, day or evening

Is the echo made by a man or a woman?
The echo is made by a woman, Reneé

If there is visible heart action?
From 6 weeks to see heart activity

I can still go after after growth ultrasound 30 weeks?
This is certainly possible, you can then make a check echo

Why a fun ultrasound?
Most echoes are made on medical grounds, after application of a midwife or doctor. But you have no medical indication, but still want to see your baby, already counting fingers, listening to the heart, please contact us for a fun echo

Ultrasound is harmful?
Asked whether ultrasound is harmful to your baby, we can say that research has never shown that ultrasound is harmful in any way

Why a sex determining ultrasound from 15 weeks and not earlier?
Between weeks 12 and 15 each baby has a ‘projection’, we call tubercle (genitals). This is similar in boys and girls. After week 15, the tubercle moves in with a girl inside and stays with a boy outside. For 15 weeks, the family can therefore not be determined with certainty