A two-dimensional image is formed by converting of sound waves which are reflected by the organs and the body. These reflected waves are converted into a flat cross-sectional plane. The result of this is an image in 2D form. A 2D ultrasound displays moving images of your baby again. Follow live so what happens in your belly. Stretching an arm, turning and of course the famous kicks. The echo is in black and white.

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With the aid of modern computer technology it is possible to store all the echo data of the flat cross-section planes. When all the facts are known, the quiet areas can be converted to 3D viewing. A 3D ultrasound is admittedly a still image, but gives a realistic view of your baby. We see three dimensions, namely length, width and depth. Clear contours are visible, for example, the fingers, the nose and the lips. The echo is in color (sepia).

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This revolutionary technology is the 3D still image converted to 4D moving images. You will see your baby in real time image and also in color 4D
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